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Socialkyte is a marketing platform assisting in lead generation and sales through Influencer collaborations. Through the use of technology, they facilitate matching creators, agencies and brands to the right people and make it easy for them to manage their social media.

Their In-house tool empowers them to discover the best and suitable influencers from thousands of content creators across social media platforms. By basing their influencer selection on key points like audience authenticity, demographics, and engagements they empower brands to be promoted across top Social Media platforms.


This logo uses a visual element from social media. It uses the Heart Button from instagram and the reactions from facebook. This logo represents the spirit of collaboration with the two overlapping hearts forming SocialKyte in the center. The hearts here not only represent appreciation for one another but also represents a creative soul.


Primary Typeface (for Logo, Headers, Markers/Page no’s)

Secondary Typeface (for Sub headings, Body text, Dialogue)


For the colours, we decided to draw inspiration from existing social media platforms. The idea was to use bright colours that don’t overpower the content but at the same time stand out on their own


Patterns for Socialkyte were created by deconstructing the logo and using the individual elements to form repetitive patterns. These patterns are meant to be used as backgrounds and accents for various marketing collateral


We created generic layouts for social media images to illustrate examples of various formats the social media posts can take depending on the nature of the content.


We worked on redesigning the Website and the User Interface for the web app which will be used by influencers, brands and agencies to manage their social media 

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