Off-Late people have been accquiring replicas of native Indian art which demotivates artists from practicing their art. Indus Art is an online store focused towards keeping these native art forms of alive. The artworks on Indus Art are created by the ‘Shilp Guru’ Award winners honoured by the Govt. of India.

After looking back at Indian art from various eras and artforms, we noticed a common element accross paintings, sculptures & monuments from all over India. The Elephant! Since they plan to focus their marketing efforts in the USA and Europe, we decided to use the elephant as our spirit animal to build Indus Arts brand as its also a common symbol for Indian Culture, globally. 


Branding + Website

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The Elephant is considered to be an intellectual and deep thinking animal, holding capabilities of expressing emotions exuberently. These qualities made the animal feel like an art connoisseur. 

Orange Group@2x



Inspired by ancient Roman inscriptions from the 1400’s, Serif Fonts were designed for commercial use in the early 1900’s. This maintained the appearance of hand-made letters of the time and also increased the speed of publication to make information available to more people. Indus Art is doing the same for Indian Handicrafts


India is a land of many cultures and colours. Every part of india uses really vibrant colours very boldly within various patterns, textures and medium. The colours of the logo are an attempt to draw inspiration from all aspects of India. The blue comes the vibrantly painted houses of jodhpur, the brown comes from the wood and clay sculptures, and the yellow and orange come from the textiles and fabrics. 



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