Logix India is the one stop Buyer-Seller meet that helps people from the Logistics Sector to connect, discuss their visions of how logistics services in our counry can be improved. This meet is organised by the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) with the support of the Misinitry of Commerce and Industries

Our solution towards the experience of the brand and the event was inspired by the very colourful dock yards and its various visual elements. The idea was to bring that ambience and experience inside the convention hall of a 5 star hotel. 


Event Branding + Onsite Graphics

Inspired by the docks and cargo ships, this logo is a typographic expression of the same. It stands for the idea that India is the carrier of logistics solutions for the world.

The choice of fonts was inspired by the stencil typography which can be seen on cargo containers and wooden crates everywhere at a cargo dock yard. 

In a place that surrounds you with colours, why look else where for inspiration? The palette was chosen from the 4 most common colours that are visible on cargo containers

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