We are a communication design agency, with a fresh perspective and robust focus towards intensive research and process-based approach to arrive at novel and effective design solutions for the digital world.

GGWP Design offers strategic branding, web and UI/UX solutions, identity system design, event/exhibition design, digital marketing and advertising. Our focus is the core idea which drives the brand, what they want to communicate to their audience and the what they care about. In a fast moving sociocultural environment, it is absolutely essential to keep in touch with the latest trends and lingo. Our endeavour, is to work towards aligning the brand’s vision and intent with the consumers’ perspective. There is no fixed formula for this, which makes our vocation at once more challenging, exciting and innately fulfilling. We want to build your brand and it’s unique niche in the market with you, and in the process, produce brave advertising for your products, which, while staying faithful to their identity and relevance, also sets it, you, and us, apart in the matrix of modern communication.


Fahad Hussain

Co Founder
A Design Graduate in Visual Communication and Strategic Branding from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Fahad specialises in building corporate identity and UI/UX design. He has an intuitive understanding of human responses to different approaches. He has 4 years of work experience in various startups, design agencies and an apparel media publication house working on multiple Digital Products. He is a big time automobile enthusiast or a “petrol nut” as they rightfully call them and likes to keep track of all the history, origins, inspirations, trends and alternate technologies being used to advance and enhance this industry. He has travelled to various parts of the country by road and swears by his experiences that give him a better understanding of people and the interaction which unites them all.
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Nihar Apte

Co Founder
A GDPD from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, he specialises in Branding and Advertising strategy. He believes in focusing on the core values of a brand, which form solid pillars for narrating their story to the audience they desire to target. Nihar has varied work experience in a design studio, a software company and a marketing agency which helps him understand design from the clients perpective. Nihar is a musician too. He has contributed as a guitar and bass player to various projects including a solo album which have all been published on popular music streaming platforms. He has been a part of bands like Space Behind the Yellow Room, Signal W, Hoirong and Nivid.
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